Helping Hand to Masturbate

Today I dress rather revealing. I dont use panties. I wear turtle neck shirt but with mini skirt. I go to a garden.

I go to the toilet and masturbate there using my medium size dildo. It makes me excited.

I exit the toilet and walk around. I meet some people that I dont know, but they are generally old.

I scan them for sometime and decide to sit in a corner, next to two old men. It looks like that they are friends to each other. I think, this is my best chance to masturbate my self and fingered by them.

I greet them and sit. I ask politely, can I do something private there?

They dont understand of the meaning of it, I think. One of them say, its ok. I ask them to tell me if they feel offended.

I open my leg and touch my vagina outside my skirt. I think they are now understand, and smile. “Young girl, you want us to watch? You are very good.”

I nod. Feel embarrassed. I open my bag and take my vibrator. I put it in my opening and circle my clit.

One of the men offer to help me, but I say, later. I continue masturbate in front of them. They look like enjoying this show and comment nastily. They talk dirty and make me feel really horny. I fucked my pussy by the vibrator fast and hard. I moan. It is real good. The men whisper to my ears and groping my boobs. I cum as one of them ask me to.

I say, one more.

I regain my self and continue fuck myself. The men sit back on the seat, one on my left and one on right. Each of them rub my body though my clothes.

I really feel excited by this two pervert men. They talk really dirty and it is really exciting. I cum again.

After that I say thanks and offer them to finger fuck me. But since I am slut, they say, I need to lick their cocks afterwards. It is no need to make them cum but I have to give blowjob for five minutes each on toilet.

Having the deal, the men happily play with my pussy like I am a doll. I moan. One of the men skill is very good. He mearly bring me to orgasm but he say I should pay my debt now. So I went to toilet, open his trousers and lick his balls and suck his cock for five minutes. He thank me, then go out.

His friend enters and I do the same thing with him. He is rougher. He pulls my hair and makes my mouth like a fuck hole. He keeps me more than five minutes, but eventually he lets me free. He says next time I will blow until he cum.

We go out from toilet and separatw our ways.

After that, I say thank you to both of them.


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