Sheer imagination on my head

While my hand and legs are tied to the bedposts


It must be you

Who turns off the lights and puts a blindfold on my eyes


Slowly, cold metal knife cuts my blue dress

Reveals my body


He kisses me from head to toes

Tickles my body using his tongue


As I open my mouth to moan,

He slaps me hard on my left cheek

“Quiet” he says


He continues playing with my naked body

Sensually he touches my breast

Pinches my nipples


A hot wax drips on my belly

It’s aches


He slaps me again as I shout

“Second warning” 


Another drops on my neck

One by one


I have to be still

But it is hot!


Another drips on my nipples

I am nothing but his toys

May not shout and cry, he says


He puts a huge vibrating dildo on my vagina

Then shockingly,

Hot wax drips on my clitoris


Shouting loud, I know what will happen next

Because it is my third mistake: no more mercy


He pulls my head and puts his cock in my throat

He uses my mouth as it is only a hole

He slaps me


But still, 

I need him


He laughs at me and lets me taste my own liquis


Then he kisses me

He untie my hands and legs

It makes me confused

It is not his usual self!


“Wake up,” he says

“no hard fuck tonight,

let’s do it vanilla way, outside,

under August meteor rain”