Dark Desire

I am standing in front of an abandoned cave.

Looking around,
admiring the scenery,
bathing under the bright sun,
breathing the fresh air.

This might be the last picture of my freedom
before I walk inside the cave
and surrender myself.

The dark cave,
only with a torch
I march inside.

Dress in white,
like a corpse.
I am no longer known
as a part of my village.
I am merely an offering
to calm the owner of the cave.

Walking endlessly,
I finally reach a small pond.
Take a sip before continue walking inside.

my torch fall to the pond,
leaving me alone with the total darkness.

It seems forever,
until something soft touch my lips,
then push inside into my throat,
makes my jaw open wide.

Without chance to fight back,
my hands and knees are pulled to each side,
my dress is teared.

A slime touch my breasts,
another at my clitoris,

Suddenly another enter my little pussy,
pushing deep inside,
small and thin at first,
then getting bigger and bigger,
fill my hole completely.

It moving inside,
rubbing my wall,
hitting my sweet spot.

I moan,

Another try to enter my anus,
no, this time its fat and huge already.
Giving me no mercy,
pushing inside painfully.

I need to scream,
like there is no tomorrow,
but my throat is gagged with the slime.

All of them working on my body,
bring me to heaven.
As soon as I am on my edge,
the slimes move faster and faster.

My orgasm bursts,
sweet liquid flowing from my vagina.

The slimes squirt its warm liquid too
into my throat,
my breasts,
my pussy,
my belly.

I take it all inside my body
until my belly bulged and nearly exploding.

Then suddenly the slimes release me.
The liquids all dripping from my holes to the floor.

The slimes lift my body
and bring me into the darkness.

I am no more mine,
but I am its.


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