Dark Desire

I am standing in front of an abandoned cave.

Looking around,
admiring the scenery,
bathing under the bright sun,
breathing the fresh air.

This might be the last picture of my freedom
before I walk inside the cave
and surrender myself.

The dark cave,
only with a torch
I march inside.

Dress in white,
like a corpse.
I am no longer known
as a part of my village.
I am merely an offering
to calm the owner of the cave.

Walking endlessly,
I finally reach a small pond.
Take a sip before continue walking inside.

my torch fall to the pond,
leaving me alone with the total darkness.

It seems forever,
until something soft touch my lips,
then push inside into my throat,
makes my jaw open wide.

Without chance to fight back,
my hands and knees are pulled to each side,
my dress is teared.

A slime touch my breasts,
another at my clitoris,

Suddenly another enter my little pussy,
pushing deep inside,
small and thin at first,
then getting bigger and bigger,
fill my hole completely.

It moving inside,
rubbing my wall,
hitting my sweet spot.

I moan,

Another try to enter my anus,
no, this time its fat and huge already.
Giving me no mercy,
pushing inside painfully.

I need to scream,
like there is no tomorrow,
but my throat is gagged with the slime.

All of them working on my body,
bring me to heaven.
As soon as I am on my edge,
the slimes move faster and faster.

My orgasm bursts,
sweet liquid flowing from my vagina.

The slimes squirt its warm liquid too
into my throat,
my breasts,
my pussy,
my belly.

I take it all inside my body
until my belly bulged and nearly exploding.

Then suddenly the slimes release me.
The liquids all dripping from my holes to the floor.

The slimes lift my body
and bring me into the darkness.

I am no more mine,
but I am its.


Sheer imagination on my head

While my hand and legs are tied to the bedposts


It must be you

Who turns off the lights and puts a blindfold on my eyes


Slowly, cold metal knife cuts my blue dress

Reveals my body


He kisses me from head to toes

Tickles my body using his tongue


As I open my mouth to moan,

He slaps me hard on my left cheek

“Quiet” he says


He continues playing with my naked body

Sensually he touches my breast

Pinches my nipples


A hot wax drips on my belly

It’s aches


He slaps me again as I shout

“Second warning” 


Another drops on my neck

One by one


I have to be still

But it is hot!


Another drips on my nipples

I am nothing but his toys

May not shout and cry, he says


He puts a huge vibrating dildo on my vagina

Then shockingly,

Hot wax drips on my clitoris


Shouting loud, I know what will happen next

Because it is my third mistake: no more mercy


He pulls my head and puts his cock in my throat

He uses my mouth as it is only a hole

He slaps me


But still, 

I need him


He laughs at me and lets me taste my own liquis


Then he kisses me

He untie my hands and legs

It makes me confused

It is not his usual self!


“Wake up,” he says

“no hard fuck tonight,

let’s do it vanilla way, outside,

under August meteor rain”

Helping Hand to Masturbate

Today I dress rather revealing. I dont use panties. I wear turtle neck shirt but with mini skirt. I go to a garden.

I go to the toilet and masturbate there using my medium size dildo. It makes me excited.

I exit the toilet and walk around. I meet some people that I dont know, but they are generally old.

I scan them for sometime and decide to sit in a corner, next to two old men. It looks like that they are friends to each other. I think, this is my best chance to masturbate my self and fingered by them.

I greet them and sit. I ask politely, can I do something private there?

They dont understand of the meaning of it, I think. One of them say, its ok. I ask them to tell me if they feel offended.

I open my leg and touch my vagina outside my skirt. I think they are now understand, and smile. “Young girl, you want us to watch? You are very good.”

I nod. Feel embarrassed. I open my bag and take my vibrator. I put it in my opening and circle my clit.

One of the men offer to help me, but I say, later. I continue masturbate in front of them. They look like enjoying this show and comment nastily. They talk dirty and make me feel really horny. I fucked my pussy by the vibrator fast and hard. I moan. It is real good. The men whisper to my ears and groping my boobs. I cum as one of them ask me to.

I say, one more.

I regain my self and continue fuck myself. The men sit back on the seat, one on my left and one on right. Each of them rub my body though my clothes.

I really feel excited by this two pervert men. They talk really dirty and it is really exciting. I cum again.

After that I say thanks and offer them to finger fuck me. But since I am slut, they say, I need to lick their cocks afterwards. It is no need to make them cum but I have to give blowjob for five minutes each on toilet.

Having the deal, the men happily play with my pussy like I am a doll. I moan. One of the men skill is very good. He mearly bring me to orgasm but he say I should pay my debt now. So I went to toilet, open his trousers and lick his balls and suck his cock for five minutes. He thank me, then go out.

His friend enters and I do the same thing with him. He is rougher. He pulls my hair and makes my mouth like a fuck hole. He keeps me more than five minutes, but eventually he lets me free. He says next time I will blow until he cum.

We go out from toilet and separatw our ways.

After that, I say thank you to both of them.


Tonight I dress like a princess. I wear a red gown and a pair of red high heels. I sit on a round bed on the corner of the room, waiting for my special client.

At 9 pm, he enters my room. Two pretty girls – that are obviously call girls – accompany him. The first one has a black skin and the second one has a white skin. Both of them looks that they are on their 20’s. They are sexy and slim. You sit next to me.

You order them to dance. You touch and massage my breast while the two girls dance erotically and do striptease. I have to admit that they have good dancing skills.

Firstly, they remove their panties and bend over to show their cunts to you. They kiss each other and remove their skirts. They are now naked, from belly to toes. They pull off their tops and bra. The black girl brings her boobs to near you. You slap and twist her nipples. Meanwhile, the white girl hugs you from behind and seductively ask you to play with them.

You order the white girl to strip you and the black girl to strip me. They work effectively and in a very seducing way. The black girl kiss me in mouth and rub my neck. She open the zip of my dress and make me naked. I don’t wear bra, so she is free to play with my nipples. She sucks it and licks them. You laugh while I am moaning.

After a while, you tie my hand and bring me to a cage which is located at the middle of the room. You put me inside and tie the other side of the rope above my head. I am now kneeling with hands hanging up.

You tell me that you will make me watch a “life movie” and I will hate it very much. It is my punishment and I have to learn. You massage my clit through my panties and then leave me alone. From there, I am able to see what is happening on the bed. You ask the two girls to serve you.

They are like cats, always moaning and show their curvy bodies. They decide to give sensual massage to you. The white girl pours oils to your back and use her large breasts to massage. Meanwhile, the black girl puts your palm on her breast and massages your hand.

After about 15 minutes, the black girl starts to massage your legs and teases your asshole. She licks them by using her tounge.

You roll your body. You are now on your back. The white one kisses you and she still massages your body while the black one give you blow job. It feels so exciting for me and I think you must be enjoy it.

The white girl joins the black one to lick your penis. They play it like it is an ice cream. They suck hard and they also lick your balls. You moan but I know that this seduction is still not enough to make you cum.

You stand and make them kneel on my bed with their ass high to the ceiling. You take my nine tails and hit their ass hard. They are to take fifty strike each, because they are my substitutes and you thought previously that I am deserve to be hit a hundred times.

The girls seem confused, perhaps they have never be flogged before. You hit them hard until their asses become red. You stop when they start to cry. You tell me that the girls are only able to take sixty in total and therefore I will be flogged forty times later. You rub their ass cheeks then climb and kneel on the bed. You put your cock in the black girl vagina.

The white girl walk to me. She brings a huge dildo and put it on my opening. You order her to fuck me with the same pace as him fucking the black girl. You fuck the black girl roughly. She moans a lot and her scent is all over the room. Meanwhile, I am literally fucked by the huge dildo. Fortunately it has been lubed before.

This night should be a punishment for me, but I enjoy it so much. It is very fun to watch you use another girl in front of me, while I am being masturbated. I can’t hide my pleasure and moan. You smirk, feeling pleased and happy.

You lie on your back, asking the black girl to ride you. The girl seems to be a professional call girl and know how is the best way to ride you. I am not surprised because you told me before that she is famous for it.

You ask the white girl to put clothes pins on my breast and clit. She also has to put a fucking machine under my vagina. You say that I will be machine fucked for a whole night. I will be able to cum anytime, but it should be only twice until the next morning come.

After done the preparation, the white girl join you to give pleasure to you. It makes me angry to be left alone, but at the same time I feel that it is extremely sexy to watch your activities.

I have never been machine fucked before. It is very pleasurable. The machine has about 20 styles to move its shaft to fuck me. Within five minutes, I already want to cum.

I hardly see the activities on bed in details because I am now focus not to cum. I moan loudly when the machine fucks me fast, hard but steady. I am really near to orgasm. I imagine that it is me on the bed,  fucked by you. I try to think of other things but I am not able to.

The first orgasm comes like a train. It make my body pulsating and I scream. You congrats me and remind me that I only have one more permission to cum.

You are now pounding the white girl. The black girl comes and teases my body by using feather. She removes my clamps and play with my clit. I am in extacy and it leads to my second orgasm.

She continues to tease me. Knowing that I should not orgasm anymore, she feels guilty to seduce me. But it is your order to be obeyed. The third orgasm comes not far from the second one. I try to keep silent and hide the fact. However my body rock hard and the girl reports to you.

Suddenly, there is a second shaft trying to invade my ass. It feels very pain because there is no lube in it. The girl seems to realise it and lube the shaft kindly. After that, she leaves me alone.

I am fucked by the machine on my both openings. You look at me and feel satisfy with the new machine. You say that I am so beautiful to be fucked on the both holes, and soon will be filled in my third hole – my mouth.

I moan hard and watch you pounding the white girl excitedly. She is in her back and caressing your front. She moans loudly. Meanwhile, the black girl seems busy licking your balls and ass hole. She looks so sexy when masturbating herself with her hand.

You hit the white girl in belly and order her to cum. She screams loudly and cums together with you. You collapse your body to bed. The black girl comes on your top and cleans your penis. She licks it happily.

After resting for a while, you take some cold drinks from my fridge and share it with them. You walk to my cage and open the door. I think that you will free me, but I am wrong. You bring the the nine tails and show it to me.

“Fourty,” you say, “count it, slave.”

You hit my bottom cheeks twenty times until they are red and hot. I don’t want another punishment so I make sure that I count loudly in every hit and thank you. Next, you hit my nipples, ten time each. It feel worse than before. I try to count but it is hard to focus after the fifth blow. You seems to understand and hit me softer.

After take your beating, I thought you will give me mercy and let me rest. However, you tell me that I will be fucked all night long, in both of my openings. You don’t care how many times I orgasm, but you warn me to be wet on the next morning.

You lock the cage and turn TV set in front of the cage. You play adult movies and order me to watch it. You wear your clothing and ask those girls to do the same. Then, you turn off all lights and leave me alone inside the room.

It is three hours left to 6 am. I watch the video. It displays BDSM bondage and sex scenes which turns me on. “Thanks” to the machine that fucks me very well, I orgasm for about nine times during that three hours. My pussy, knees, and hands feel very sore. I wonder when will you return to this room.


I am about to orgasm the tenth time when you enter the room and watch me struggle in my orgasm.

“Cum,” you say, and I cum.

You smirk and open the cage. You remove my bondage and turn off the machine. You check my vagina and it is obviously wet.

You pat my head and open your trousers’ zip. I know what you want. I take your penis on my hand. It looks like you just fuck other girls because it is still covered with cum.

I hate it. Hate it very much.

You know that I will resist to lick dirty penis, but not today after the punishment. I lick your penis and balls until they are clean.

“Good girl,” you say. You put your penis inside your pants and zip it. “You can take bath and have a free day today,” you say and give me three thousand dollars. You smile and say, “I will always be your costumer”.

I thank you and accompany you to the door and say good bye.

You will always be my special costumer. You don’t like to fuck me, but you like to make me watch and sometimes, clean you afterwards. Most of the time you allow me masturbate while watching you inside of the cage. However, when you feel upset with me, you tie me and put a vibrator inside my vagina. You let me feel helpless.

Today experience is new for me. You machine fuck me and beat me. I feel so tired but also so excited. I will wait for our next meeting. Until then!

Disclaimer: I do not own the photo above.

Geisha Balls

geisha balls

Small erotic gold balls

Cold but shiny

Like a whore

I sit and open my legs

You touch a ball to my clitoris

Cold, like snows

You kiss my lips

Roughly push the ball to my opening


But my moan is your pleasure

You heat the second ball

Make it as hot as fire

You touch it to my clitoris

Let the most sensitive body cry from pain

Hot and sensual

It enter my vagina slowly

Today I will dance at stage

And I must keep them inside

To clamp my vagina wall at whole time

To remember that I am a geisha

To be pleasured when the balls move

But to be suffered and aching for touch

I will dance until the highest bidder shout his price

Come to stage and put his hand on my croth

Massage them and hearing my moan

And take those golden balls as his reward

I am nothing but a vessel

For men pleasure